Tasuta tarne alates € 15



1. Electronic banking
Payment is made through the Paysera or Contomobile payment system. KlipShop.lt will direct you to the "Paysera" or "Contomobile" page, where you will need to log in to the bank's page. Once connected, the system will have already formed a payment for the selected goods. After confirming the payment, return to the KlipShop page. Attention! The e-banking login data is used only for logging in to the bank's page, and when returning to the KlipShop.lt online store, it is not transferred.

2. Credit card
You can pay with VISA or MASTERCARD cards. You will need to enter the cardholder's name, surname, cards expiry date and security code - CVV indicated on the card's signature strip (the last three digits). visa visa
3. Payment upon receipt of goods
Payment is made in cash upon delivery of the goods to the KLIP beauty salon, In Šiauliai. It is also possible to pay in cash or by payment card when the courier delivers the goods to the home or office. Attention! payment have the exact amount of cash specified in your order in cash.

Cash / Payment Card

4. Paypal
Payment is made through the international card payment system. Attention! You must be registered with PayPal to use this payment method. paypal paypal
5. Apple pay
One of the most popular payment methods in the world - Apple Pay is already at our e-shop! With Apple Pay, you can shop easily and there is no need to enter your card information. Apple Pay works with Face ID or Touch ID to provide two levels of authentication. This means you don’t need verification codes, secret questions or passwords. Faster, safer and more convenient! Apple pay Apple pay
6. Google Pay
Good news for anyone using Android software on their phone. From now on, Google Pay is at KlipShop! With Google Pay app, you can easily, quickly and securely purchase the goods you want with the click of a button. Google pay Google pay